Owning a property is exciting because it gives you the freedom to put your stamp on it! Whilst purchasing a house is probably the most significant financial investment you will ever make, almost always, it is a wise move as property tends to hold its value in the UK. If you have some spare capital available, you can look to improve your property by investing in a garden transformation.

When you have just purchased your property, there is usually a sudden urge where you want to redesign everything; it's easy to lose control, and before you know it, the house will look completely different. Many people go to town inside their homes but continue to neglect their garden - don't make that mistake! When you have put the finishing touches on the inside, you should focus on the outside. Whether you have an acre or several square metres to play with, there are always advantages to a garden transformation. Buckle up; in this article - our Barnsley landscape gardeners will explore five reasons you should have your garden landscaped.

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Redesigning your garden will increase the value of your property

If you are considering putting your home on the market, you would be crazy not to consider the value that a garden transformation can add to your property. Recent studies have shown that landscaping your garden can add up to 20% to the value of a house. That's crazy - right? Here at Barnsley Landscapes, we offer a digital garden design service where you can work with a garden designer to create the ideal design for your space. As part of the design process, we will ensure that your chosen layout adds as much value to your property as possible.

Not only should you think about the value that a garden transformation can add to your home, but another significant factor worthy of consideration is a new driveway. Your drive is the first feature of the property that anyone will see, and a new driveway will ensure your property gives off the best first impression. If you were purchasing a new property, we are pretty sure that you would be looking for a driveway (if you drive, that is) as an essential prerequisite.

Landscaping your garden is always going to add value to your property. A garden transformation is a worthwhile investment, even if your house is a forever home. You can be assured that your investment is tucked away in your property. In the meantime, you reap the benefits of a newly landscaped garden. Let's arrange an appointment with a Barnsley landscaper.

Transforming your garden will improve your quality of life

Looking after your mental health is extremely important; work hard, play hard, as they say. Spending time outside improves our quality of life, and your garden is the perfect place to do so. During the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic, we all spent too much time inside, and the only place to escape was our gardens. Can you imagine how frequently our phone lines were ringing? You don't want to; they never stopped! Nobody wanted to be couped up.

The world is now recovering from COVID-19, and many people have realised the importance of their gardens. Redesigning your garden is an opportunity to create a bespoke space where you and your family can make memories. Do you want to improve your lifestyle? Explore the potential of your garden with Barnsley Landscapes.

Designing a garden for your unique requirements

Your requirements for your garden will likely differ from mine. Everyone is different; when designing a garden, our landscape gardeners in Barnsley must consider these differences to create a design tailored to your requirements. When you request a quote from us, we will ask you a series of questions to ensure that we offer you the correct advice. We want to find the best solution for you.

The team at Barnsley Landscapes have designed gardens of all different shapes and sizes, always finding the right solution for the space and the person who will use it. Whether you have limited mobility and require a design that will accommodate your ability to navigate the garden, or you have children you want to keep safe, our experienced garden designers will ensure that your garden fits your needs.

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Increase the biodiversity of your garden

The world is fragile, and humankind has left a permanent scar and continues to do so. Our planet is dying, and urgent action is required to change the course we are currently taking. We urge our customers to consider the environment when they ask us to design their garden. Of course, if you want an ultra-modern design featuring zero plants, we will offer you the service you require, but please, if you can find somewhere to incorporate a little biodiversity in your garden. Trees and bees let the earth breathe; our Barnsley landscape gardeners love wildflower meadows and, wherever possible, squeeze them into our designs.

You can also do your bit for the planet by growing vegetables in your garden and encouraging wildlife through features such as birdfeeders and even an insect hotel. Making little changes to how you use your garden and including little features such as those mentioned above can make a whole world of difference. If everyone does their bit, we can make a positive change for future generations.

Have you got a landscaping project you would like to discuss with one of our Barnsley landscape gardeners? Understanding the advantages that a garden transformation can offer to you and your family is the first step towards enhancing your lifestyle, increasing the value of your property or even doing your bit for the environment. The next step is to begin speaking about your project with the right people; we would be more than happy to offer you an initial consultation where we can talk about your garden's potential. Request an appointment now.

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