Digital Garden Designs

At Barnsley landscapes, we do things differently from other landscaping companies. Anyone can lay a basic patio, but it takes a professional designer to create a bespoke, high-quality garden design incorporating everything your heart desires. Whether that is a cosy seating area featuring an exquisite fire pit or an outdoor kitchen bar, each design is unique and tailored to your requirements. The process starts with our digital garden design service. Our experienced designer will discuss your wishes and produce a three-dimensional visual of your garden and a detailed master plan to start your project. Let's get started today!


When you commission our Barnsley garden designers to create a design, they don’t only generate a lifelike image of your garden. You also receive a detailed manual on how to install the design. We pass this master plan on to our chosen panel of landscape gardeners in Barnsley, and we will present you with each of those quotes so you can decide which one would be best suited. If you wish to go ahead with your chosen quote, we will book your project with the landscapers and get the ball rolling with your project.


When choosing a new driveway, you have an overwhelming amount of options. You could pick the popular tarmac with a cobble border, have a traditional brick or a resin-bound driveway, or choose one of the many other options we install here at Barnsley Landscapes. The list of options is very long, so if you are unsure which type of driveway is best for your property, get in touch with us now, and we can arrange a consultation with one of our Barnsley landscape gardeners.


Planting can transform an ordinary space into a beautiful garden. Not only will plants bring colour into your garden, but they also invite wildlife and create a beautiful soundscape. Do not be scared to include plants in your design; a colourful garden does not necessarily equate to high maintenance. Our Barnsley garden designer is a plant connoisseur, and they can create a beautiful plant design tailored to your lifestyle. Let's add a little diversity and attract some wildlife to your space!

Better quality landscapes; jobs done right!

"From the off, we were given ideas about what we could achieve with the space, and we decided that paying for the design service was worth the initial outlay. Each meeting we had to go over the design was extremely helpful. What we thought we wanted was not actually what we needed to get the best out of the space and our budget."


Let's get started with your garden project...

We understand how personal the process of transforming your garden can be. Entrusting your money to a company you've never used before is a nerve-racking experience. At Barnsley Landscapes, we take pride in every project we take on and look forward to seeing it completed. Let's begin the process of transforming your garden today! To initiate your journey with our Barnsley landscapers, please complete the form below with as much detail as possible. We look forward to talking to you about your project.